We cooperate with advertising & promotion agencies, newspapers and corporations interested in creating new media promotion and marketing - online games, interactive presentations and professional 3D animations.

For business

Our business solutions for everyone!

On-line Games

We are happy to undertake the creation of online games. To create them we use Microsoft Silverlight technology. We create both traditional games - supported keyboard or mouse - and the webcam games - that use our Brontes CamReal technology. Webcam game is a game where you have to move your real body to control the game. No keyboard nor mouse is required.

Interactive presentations

Using the Brontes CamReal technology we can prepare presentations to promote your brand at various conferences, banquets, etc.. These presentations are displayed by a projector on the floor, wall, or on very large monitors, televisions. In such a presentation, users can play virtual football matches, jump in virtual puddles, chasing butterflies or perform any other task dreamed by the creators.

3D Animations

We also create short, professional 3D animation according to the scenario provided by the client.

We invite you to get acquainted with our computer games, which in addition to loads of laughter and great fun will make you get A+ mark for the daily portion of gymnastics! View our games!