We are willing to create large websites on demand. Tell us about your needs and we offer a solution. We will define the requirements, design and create the website, then we will implement it on a suitable platform.

For business

Our business solutions for everyone!

Who do we cooperate with?

In recent years we have had the pleasure of cooperation with both young, emerging companies as well as giants of the Polish and global business. Among our major cooperants are worth mentioning:

  • HP
  • Oberon-Media
  • Ferrero
  • Technomex
  • Tecno Logica Mexicana
  • Hore Medical Technologies
  • LGBS

Windows Azure

We offer the design, development and deployment of complex web systems. The Windows Azure platform offers a fully scalable operating environment for web applications and services. The Windows Azure platform lets dramatically shorten the development time and deploy it seamlessly, increasing the computing power as needed.

Cost of system maintenance

The cost of maintaining applications on Windows Azure is relatively low - between the cost of a virtual server and the cost of a dedicated server.

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