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Danceman has now FREE, android version! 05.12.2012 16:58

We really hope you'll like to smash Stinki on your phones and tablets! We will love to hear your opinions! Click Danceman for android for details.

Danceman - new webcam game! 22.11.2012 12:58

Danceman is a PC game you can play using your webcam or dance mat. If you don’t have any of these devices – don't worry – you can play on keyboard too! Click here for details.

Speed reading techniques – our newest website! 06.12.2011 17:10

If you are interested in free tips and articles about fast learning techniques - please check our new website. Click the speed reading to visit the website now.

Virtual Reality Reahabilitation – official website! 04.11.2011 11:10

Our Virtual Reality Rehabilitation system called SeeMe has now official website. If you know of anyone who might want to participate in making the system constantly better – please have them visit our web page. We are waiting for your ideas and comments! Click the SeeMe Rehabilitation to visit the website now.

Cyclops BallZ now for Windows Phone! 27.05.2011 22:58

As of today you can download Cyclops BallZ from Windows Phone Marketplace. We are waiting for your feedback and (high) ratings! Click here for details.



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